About Us

Hi!  My name is Judy Thompson.  My 10 year old daughter has always been fascinated with mermaids. One day when she was researching details on mermaids, she came across some websites on silicone mermaid tails and immediately wanted one so she too could swim just like a mermaid. Now, as you can imagine, silicone tails are quite expensive and out of reach for the average household, so she asked if I could make one. Obviously I couldn’t make it out of silicone, but I experimented with lycra materials and monofins. I found the combination of  the right lycra and monofin gave the same sleek fit as the more expensive silicone tails. My daughter was rapped!

She wore it to a few public pools and she drew a crowd each time, with some children saying “Mummy look at the mermaid! I want to be a mermaid too!” People even posed to have their photo taken with the mermaid.

I was urged by many people to make them for the pleasure of other children. So I sourced various coloured lycras and started sewing.

The name Missty Mermaid Tails comes from a combination of several things. MISS being a title for a young girl and also my daughter’s nickname. The T being for our last name (Thompson). MISS …T. Hence MISSTY was born.

I hope you enjoy my products and happy mermaiding!

Kind regards,

Judy Thompson

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