How do I put on my mermaid tail?

  • Put on your mermaid tail right at the edge of the pool as you won’t be able to walk in it.
  • Place a towel under the tail when putting it on as rough pool edging could cause the skin to catch and tear.
  • The best way to put on your mermaid tail is to gather the sides of the skin down to expose the fin.
  • Slip your feet into the fin and adjust the heal strap nice and tight.
  • I have added an extra strap that goes between your ankles which velcros onto the fin near your toes.
  • Once your feet are securely in the fin, gently slide the skin up your body. Do not grab the top of the skin and just pull it up as this tends to stretch the skin out of shape or tear the seams. Start at your ankles and gently pull it up a little at a time.
  • Please ensure you always stick the Velcro to itself when not in use or you may find it sticks to the skin and could tear a hole when you remove it.
  • Please try to avoid scraping the mermaid tail on the sides of the pool as this has a tendency to very quickly wear a hole in the tips of the tail.  This is especially so with pools with a pebble surface.


How do I care for my mermaid tail?

That’s simple – it’s just like looking after your swimwear.

  • Ensure you rinse your mermaid tail on cold tap water immediately after use to prevent it fading and stretching.
  • Dry as soon as possible flat in the shade.
  • Do not hang it up by the top of the skin as it will stretch with the weight of the fin in the bottom.


Is it ok to swim by myself?

No. Always swim with another person for safety reasons as it can be a bit tricky getting used to your new mermaid tail.

Parents – you should always supervise children whilst wearing their mermaid tail. The tail is not a floatation or safety device.


Can I walk in my mermaid tail?

No. The tail is designed for swimming, not for walking. Please don’t try to jump, hop or walk in your mermaid tail as there is a strong likelihood of you falling and hurting yourself.


What if a tear a hole in the skin?

If your mermaid tail gets damaged you may purchase a new skin at approximately half the price of a whole new tail. We can refit the fin inside to a new skin. You can find new skins on the shop page.


What is a monofin?

A monofin is like a pair of flippers but joined together into one swim fin with both feet slipping into separate footwells in the monofin. There is a strap across the heels that you can tighten or loosen for different sized feet.


Can I exchange or get a refund if I am not happy with my purchase?

Yes you can.  You can exchange for another colour or size or you can get a refund if the product isn’t what you expected.  The condition of refund is that the mermaid tail has only been tried on and not worn in the water or around the house.  I reserve the right to inspect the mermaid tail or bikinis prior to issuing a replacement or refund.  I will not issue a refund if I deem the mermaid tail or bikini unfit for resale.