Swimmable Mermaid Tail (teenager size)


These swimmable mermaid tails are for those people whose shoe size is over a womens size 5 (up to a size 9 shoe).

We have many beautiful shimmering colours available for you to purchase. Tails can be purchased either to your waist or full length (right up under your arms). There are three lengths available – short, medium and long.  See drop down boxes when ordering for sizes.

The skin is made out of lycra material and stretches to fit your body. The seams have been double stitched to ensure that no holes appear should the seam give way for any reason. If you are slightly smaller or larger than the average, we can custom make a tail for you, just use our contact us form to enquire about a custom size.

Inside the skin is a monofin. The monofin is an important part of the mermaid tail as it holds the shape of the tail, but more importantly it propels you through the water like a real mermaid. The monofin is like a pair of flippers but joined together as one and has a single pocket for both feet to fit in. The strap around the heel is adjustable for various foot sizes. The monofin is flexible just like normal flippers.

Is the size you need not showing?  Contact us to have your size custom made at no extra cost!


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These swimmable mermaid tails are for those people whose shoe size is over a women’s size 5 (up to a size 9 shoe).

We also make bikinis to match, please see the bikini tab for more information.  Go to our Combo tab to order the mermaid tail and bikinis to get a discount.  You will also receive a FREE mermaid tail for your Barbie doll.


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Short (80cm long from the floor), Medium (90cm from the floor), Long (100cm from the floor)

Children’s Size Clothing (Australian)

4, 6, 8, 10, 12


Retro Sparkle, Tie Dye pink purple, Pastel Rainbow, Hot Pink, Purple, Aqua, Green, Gold, Red