The Safest Mermaid Tail On The Market

Look Like A Mermaid, But Walk Freely!

Mermaid Swimsuit Costume

Safety is extremely important to us, so much so that we have created the safest mermaid tail on the market. We understand that every child is at different levels of swimming. Some children are naturally stronger swimmers at earlier ages. We have designed a swimming mermaid costume that will allow your child to walk in it safely. Yes walk in them, if you and your child are not confident in the pool then this is the solution for you. Guaranteed the safest on the market for sale.

Swimmable & Walkable Mermaid Tail Swim Suit Costume for Kids
Swimmable & Walkable Mermaid Tail Swim Suit Costume Bikini Set

7 Safety Tips & Rules  – to protect your child

Follow These Rules for Proper Mermaid Safety and You’ll be Swimming Like a Mermaid in No Time! These rules apply to all our products and will ensure you can have a splash of a time safely.

1. Adult Supervision Always
2. Swim To Your Capabilities
3. Prepare Yourself For Swimming With Fins
4. Don’t Backflip, Dive, Swim Over, Under, or Through Any Objects
5. Know how long you can hold your breath for and don’t push your limits
6. Don’t swim at the beach or in surf conditions, always swim in a bay or pool.
7. Ensure to get advice from us for sizes and styles. Depends on your age.